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Assessments/Learning Progressions #LL2LU

Below you will find Learning Progressions aka Assessments I have utilized in the DEEPdt process.  There are way more to include and write (plus the Gough/Paul/Cantwell Design Thinking #LL2LU).  If you would like to co-write some LL2LU I am always game for a challenge.

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I am thankful for my collaborative partners, Jill Gough & Shelley Paul who showed me the way towards the power & understanding of Learning Progressions as a way to show growth in learning. In summer of 2014, we began to collaborate on a nice collection of design thinking Learning Progressions that I hope will see the light of day shortly.  Through our work, I have learned much... Yet as dear Yoda so eloquently tells us, "Much to learn you still have, my old Padawan. This is just the beginning!"   I look forward to the journey as Jill's strengths in Learning Progressions (#LL2LU), Assessment, Pedagogy, Synergy, Design Thinking, Notesketching, and so much more are so freely given and invaluable.  And for Shelley, Head of Steam at the Atlanta International School, her current work in design thinking and STEAM learning has truly stretched and grown my pedagogical practice immensely.