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b. 1986, HK.


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I am an empathy engineer & design thinking integrator for organizations and humans everywhere. 

I seek opportunities for change and cracks in environments, spaces, and experiences.  I'm most interested in creating impact in learning arenas, being a valued catalyst, and a futurist within an organization. I have the desire to roll up my sleeves, get down in the muck, and iterate ideas, actions, and projects with others. 

Let's talk and begin something together.  

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It was a privilege to have Mary Cantwell with us for four days of high-energy, high-impact facilitation! She has such a wealth of knowledge and experience with design thinking, so it was easy for her to make the content relatable and engaging for educators that were both new and experienced with the design thinking process.

— Agnes Irwin School Margaret Powers Director of STEAM Innovation
Working with Mary helped our Strong 4 Life team reimagine ways to connect to and understand our end-users more deeply. Through undergoing intensive design thinking training, we were able to strengthen our needfinding and empathy driven work around parenting and nutrition. Mary was a delight to work with and made a lasting impact in our efforts to help raise healthier families.
— Strong4Life Lisa Y. Sharp Manager, Wellness Marketing Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Mary Cantwell accelerated our growth as a school through her support of design thinking with our staff and our students. She was selfless in providing both her resources and time as we navigated implementing DEEP design thinking. Mary has the rare ability to simplify complex concepts and methodologies so that everyone -from preschoolers to adults- has an entry point to be successful. She has been a guiding light for our work, and we are extremely grateful for all that she has done to help us understand the design process in an educational setting.
— Albemarle County Public School Steve Saunders Principal, Greer Elementary School