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Learning MEANS Handouts

Learning MEANS Handouts

For a PDF version of the latest Learning MEANS handouts, click HERE

A quick reminder:

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The DEEP design thinking process is designed in the following way:  

Modes----> methods-----> means.

MODES: Discover, Empathize, Experiment, & Produce

METHODS: are the moments/touchpoints within the Modes, such as Needfinding, Unpack, Synthesis, Point of View, How Might We, Brainstorming, Iterating, Storytell. (like a pin on a map)

MEANS: The exercises, techniques, or tools of DEEPdt  There is no "step one" nor "start here to begin" when it comes to DEEPdt. DEEPdt is a nonlinear, fluid, and start where you are type of methodology. Jump in at any point…

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