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Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to learning, creating, and being through empathy.
— Mary Cantwell

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Welcome to the “official” website of all things DEEP design thinking. I hope you will find the resources, inspiration, and guidance you are seeking as you explore the different offerings.

When I began the DEEP design thinking website, the intention behind it was to be a resource for learners, a place for storytelling and insights around design thinking, and as an ongoing curation and documentation of my body of work as a design thinker and educator.

Sharing the DEEPdt methodology and its mindsets have been at the core of my work since I created DEEPdt in May of 2010. After-all at its inception, DEEP design thinking was created and designed for ALL Designers (PreK to Old). The process is non-linear and flexible, jump in at any point and let your User(s) lead your designs and solutions.

If at any time you have any questions or needs, please tweet me @scitechyedu.

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