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Designing Visuals of DEEPdt


I have spoken before on the DEEP design thinking site of my desire to create a brand, logo, and/or images that to me shares the depth of this methodology and approach of design thinking.  Since creating DEEP design thinking in May of 2010, I have created logos & worked on the branding to help me communicate more visually what DEEPdt really is.  I have prototyped and iterated many ways to visualize DEEPdt over these last six 1/2 years never settling or content with the outcome.  Here are just a few samples:


 DEEPdt Gears processhalf color

I have written several thoughts of what I hope to communicate & articulate about the visual design aspect of the process, methodology, and mindsets of DEEP design thinking:

DEEPdt Logo: Design Concept Unraveled

The Spiral: DT= Human-Centered

Working on New Design Concepts 4 #DEEPdt

DEEPdt: the Mindsets of design thinking

For the last six 1/2 years, I have been in constant iteration mode on the visuals of DEEPdt.  When I shared the iDots of DEEP in July of 2011, I was told they were "nice to use inside my classroom".  And I did... but I didn't stop there... When I created DEEPdt in May of 2010, I saw potential and value for educators, students, and well anyone wanting to jump into design thinking to utilize this type of DT Process over others simply for its ease, concreteness, and accessibility. Over time, I really settled & desired onto the idea of a spiral type design. For some reason, I seemed alone about this design idea when shared to certain colleagues... 

The bottom line of design thinking, it's about empathy & people. If deep understanding through an empathetic posture can occur between people, the rest will follow. The heart, the center, the point of design thinking is people. Design thinking should always spiral around the User. It is not a question mark. It is not a step one, step two, etc process... I have even iterated this DEEPdt visual to reflect that even more so.  The entry point is always through the User, where the designer goes from there depends on the User....I am excited to finally land on a design that to me truly visualizes & communicates DEEP design thinking...for now. Stay tuned SO much more to share & document :)

 Deep design thinking is a human-centered approach to learning, creating, and being through Empathy.

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